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Strict legislation governs that your business premises must meet minimum energy efficiency standards from 1st April 2018 or face financial consequences.

How are you managing your energy consumption? Do you meet government standards?

Martin Dixon Ltd are offering a FREE Energy Audit on your premises which will identify where and how you can reduce energy consumption within your business – ensuring that you will not be financially penalised.

We have recently been accredited by the Carbon Trust, therefore we are able to offer a cash contribution of up to 30% off energy efficient lighting installations which will help your business save up to 70% on your lighting costs. Is this something that you have looked at recently or have installed?

Martin Dixon Ltd are the people you can rely on and trust to improve energy performance whilst lowering your running costs, carbon emissions and reducing your carbon footprint.

Contact Frank Saunders today on 01482 574174 or for further information.